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Structural Engineering | Aluminium Bridge

When we talk about bridges, steel and concrete are the main construction materials that come to minds. Aluminium however, which is a light weight material, is rarely on the radar. Yet it is being used successfully for many applications including cars and planes.

It is well known that Aluminium has an ability to stay in a Marine environment with less maintenance. We have extended its capability to Bridges. Consulting Engineers have successfully designed several Aluminium bridges for Australian projects. We have also designed very successful projects overseas as well.

Here we are so proud to present another of our Aluminium bridge projects  recently completed in Brisbane.

Cost Effective Structural Engineering

We completed successfully the design and certification of a 25m span Aluminium bridge for Brisbane City Council, Australia. This bridge was designed for 6.1 Tonne tractor and flood loads. We also provided a special decking material in order to transfer wheel loads on the main structural framing system safely.

Further, we provided the bracing systems strategically under the bridge deck in order to eliminate vibration issues. This addition also improved its street appeal.

This bridge was initially proposed as a concrete structure. After identifying values of the use of Aluminium, it was then converted. We used our rigorous analysis methods to design this bridge. More importantly, we found that this Aluminium bridge is more cost effective compared to concrete and steel bridges. It was fabricated here in Queensland not overseas. Good on the Australian marketplace. Massive thanks for everyone involved on this project to make this happen.

Structural Engineering Enquiries

We are so proud to say that this is another great example of our capabilities. It shows our best-cost effective solutions being applied for a project. It also illustrates our  our team planning as well as hard work.

For your next project, big or small, consider the services of K & K structural engineering.

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