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Engineer Brisbane and Logan | Permanant Shortcrete Wall for Beenleigh

We were involved with design, documentation and certification of a shotcrete wall in Beenleigh, QLD 4207. See below for the photos during and after the construction.
The total length of this shotcrete wall is around 120m and the wall height varies from 3m to 12m. We carried out rigorous analyses for designing this wall because of the variable ground conditions.

• Site preparations being made in the picture above.


• To the right the site has been prepped for concreting

The Design Phase

During the design phase, the geo technical engineer provided the soil anchor spacings, soil parameters, slope stability assessment, ground water table etc and we designed the shotcrete wall accordingly using a well-established Finite Element Modelling Technique and Australian standards. This way we could be able to find out the best cost-effective structural engineering system for the shotcrete wall.

Outcome | K & K Consulting Engineer Brisbane and Logan

Outcomes of our design and analysis indicate that 32MPa concrete with SL82 galvanized mesh for the most areas of the wall can be used. We provided a spoon drainage at the top of the wall in order to reduce the hydrostatic pressure as well. Our detailed engineering drawings were very helpful for the contractor to build the wall without any difficulties.

Architectural Considerations

We never forgot about the architectural aspect of this wall. So we included nice brown colour into the concrete in order to enhance its look. One of our key strengths is to come with the best- cost effective solution to satisfy the client as well as the architects. Usually this is one of the hardest things to do in projects, but we are keen to do the hard work as we love what we do.

We worked with contractors, builders and other consultants in order to complete this project successfully within the allocated time frame. Thanks for all who worked on this project.

Successful outcome of this project clearly demonstrates K & K Consulting Engineers capability to provide the best cost effective solution for the project, team work capability and hardworking employees with us. We look forward to working with another project like this in the near future.