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Engineering Consultants

We use the latest technologies/software for projects in order to provide cost-effective and innovative structural systems, while improving constructability. We have vast knowledge and experience in working on big and small projects both locally and internationally, as well as experience in Australian, Euro and American standards.


We enjoy what we do.

We have combined experience with Buildings, Bridges and Marinas. This always helps our clients to find cost-effective and innovative structural systems for their projects.

We are team players, who work successfully with builders, contractors and other teams so we can introduce you to outside consultants such as Architects, Civil, Hydraulic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Building Certifiers, and Builders as well. We can help you to find the right contractors/builders according to your project’s needs so there’s NO HASSLE for you.

We work as a team and deliver our projects on time.


We are available any time to help you.

You can call us any time for your project updates. We can guarantee that you will never be disappointed with the experience of working with us.

Our project deliverables are completed to the highest standard. Clients approach us to review other consultants’ work and we improve their projects by providing cost-effective and innovative solutions, while improving the constructibility. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your project.


 We are able to provide the following services;

  • Design and documentation of small to medium rise buildings;
  • Design and documentation of post tension floors;
  • Design and documentation of marine structures;
  • Design and documentation of bridges;
  • Design and documentation of houses and house renovations;
  • Design and documentation of advertising panels;
  • Design and documentation of swimming pools, Energex pits, storm water tanks, precast tanks and water retaining structures;
  • Design and documentation of concrete, steel, aluminium and timber structures, and;
  • Engineering inspections and reports including forensic engineering.
  • Design concepts;
  • Design development;
  • Detailed design and documentation;
  • Construction stage services including construction inspections & methodologies, and;
  • Final certifications.
engineering consultant